Battery Jump start Service


Tow Truck Montgomery is happy to offer tow services to all makes and models of cars and trucks. We also provide more than just towing services. Not all roadside emergencies require towing. There are many other car issues you can find yourself in such as having a dead or weak battery that needs charging or replacing. Your battery can die from leaving your headlights on for hours or if it is an old battery. Not many local towing companies in Montgomery offer this service but we are proud to say that we do. You can take a chance and ask a stranger to jump start your car but you don’t know who you are talking to. You can be robbed or harmed in this situation. Even if the stranger is friendly and willing to help, either you or them need to have a pair or jumper cables on you.


We having been providing cheap towing services and other roadside emergency services in Montgomery AL for many years. When a driver finds themselves in a situation like having a dead car battery, maybe far from home or anywhere familiar, they need an honest tow truck company to call. We are that company. We know that all drivers want to be able to reach out to an honest and affordable towing company in Montgomery.


You got home late at night, tired and accidentally left your headlights or internal lights on. In the morning, your car won’t start because you have a dead battery. You could be running late for work or school and even if you have a pair of jumper cables, who is going to help you jumpstart your battery? You could ask your neighbor, call a friend, or ask a passing car to stop and help you. These solutions may work for you but are not guaranteed. If you want the best towing services in Montgomery, call 334-258-1244.

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Do You Have a Dead Car Battery?

When you car battery is dead, it simply means the battery is discharged. You can solve this problem by jump starting the battery using another car or replacing the battery with a new one. All car batteries have a voltage amount they run on and if it goes below that amount, that is when you may experience this unfortunate issue. 

There are a few signs to look our for when you are having issues with your car battery. 

Your car is not starting – If you have inserted your keys into the ignition and tried to start the car, and all you hear is a whining or ticking sound, your car’s battery might be dead. We advise you to not continue to attempt to start the car. This can cause damage to your car battery. This would be a good time to look for another driver who can use their car to jump start yours. This is not a long term solution. Your car may need a new battery if you continue to have this problem.

Check Engine Light is flashing – The check engine light can pop up for any small or big reason. We have all experience this in our cars. It is easy to ignore this light and keep driving but it is important to find out why it is showing up and if it is because of the battery, we suggest you have it replaced.