Flat Tire change Service

If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, contact Montgomery Tow Truck. Our tow operators are always ready to replace your tire or put air in the tire and get you back on the road. Tire blowouts always happen at inconvenient times but it is great that there is a company like Montgomery Tow Service that provides 24/7 roadside assistance services including flat tire services. We are mainly concerned about your safety. When one of our phone representatives receives your call and you provide them with your location, they will quickly send this information to one of our tow truck drivers who will then head to your location to help. If you are stranded within walking distance of a business, we urge you to wait for us there. If you are not close to a business, we suggest you sit in your car on the opposite side of the doors that are close to the cars passing by, lock your doors and patiently wait for help to come.

If you have a spare tire and even know how to change it, this is great! However, only do this is you are stuck somewhere safe like a parking lot, your driveway, or at work. Also, this is better done during day light hours. You don’t want to be alone at night, changing your tire without anyone with you. This can turn into a dangerous situation especially if you are stuck in an unsafe neighborhood. We highly recommend you calling us flat tire changing Montgomery. Let the professionals who have years of experience changing tires in dangerous locations, with cars whizzing by. We have the equipment to block off areas behind or in front of your car to avoid any car from hitting yours. Call 334-258-1244 for cheap flat tire services in Montgomery AL.

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Do You Have a Flat Tire Tire & No Spare?

Changing a flat tire may appear to be a simple task, but a number of factors can turn a simple flat tire into a dangerous accident waiting to happen. For example, would you take into account if you are safely located away from oncoming traffic? To perform the actions required to change a tire safely and properly, you must have all of the necessary equipment and skills. Will the lug nuts come undone? Simply stripping out a lug nut or incorrectly tightening a lug nut can lead to costly repairs. A damaged lug nut can also lead to a car accident down the road. Maybe you’re in a hurry because you’re running late, or maybe you forget a critical safety step that puts you in danger. Whatever the situation potentially could be this is why it is always best to contact a professional at Towing Montgomery AL we are always nearby.